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Trusted Dental Clinic in Greymouth, West Coast


Coast Smiles Dental Spa: Your Smile, Our Priority!

Family-Focused Dental Clinic Serving the West Coast Community.

 Coast Smiles Dental Spa provides a full range of dental services. Coast Smiles Dental Spa has been dedicated to providing exceptional dental care in Greymouth, West Coast, New Zealand for several years. Established with a passion for oral health, our dental clinic has grown to become a trusted name in the dental industry. Throughout our journey, we have strived to deliver the highest standard of general dentistry, emergency dental, and cosmetic dental services to our valued patients.

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About Us

At Coast Smiles Dental Spa, our purpose is straightforward – to enhance the oral health and overall well-being of each and every patient we serve. We are committed to delivering personalized and compassionate care, ensuring that all our patients feel comfortable and confident in their smiles. Our goal is to provide comprehensive dental solutions, serving as a trusted partner in your dental journey.

Comprehensive Service at Dental Clinic in Spreydon


General Dentistry


At a dental exam, your dentist or hygienist checks every tooth, and your gums, cheek, and tongue. Healthy teeth thrive in a healthy mouth. Your dentist will check every structure and surface in your mouth for cavities, signs of gum disease, infections, or other possible health issues.

Dental Hygiene


At a dental cleaning, your hygienist will clean along and below the gum line to get rid of all that built-up plaque and tartar. Once it’s all gone, she’ll polish those pearly whites and give them a good flossing to boot. 

Most people need a cleaning every six months, but some people might need them more often than that. If you build up tartar quickly, and have Type II diabetes or gum disease, you may need to see a hygienist three or four times a year.

Dental Fillings


You've just gone to the dentist for your check and the dentist tells you, you need a filling! You are not alone. Most people will need at least one filling in their lifetime. What exactly does that mean? A filling is a treatment for tooth damaged by decay that restores to its normal function and shape while preventing further decay. It's also one of the most common procedures that take place in the dental office, so there's no need to worry, especially if you are maintaining a good brushing and flossing routine!

Emergency Dentistry


No problem.

Whether the culprit was a crazy party, rock-hard candy or something else entirely, dental emergencies happen. Don’t panic, don’t suffer, and don’t wait—call us for an emergency appointment!

Root canals


General dentist to the rescue!

When a tooth gets infected deep inside, it can be so painful, you’ll just want to rip it out. That won’t be necessary, though. We can stop the pain and you can keep your tooth with a root canal. Root canals to the rescue!



Dentures are custom-made replacements for missing teeth and can be taken out and put back into your mouth. While dentures take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as natural teeth, today's dentures are natural-looking and more comfortable than ever.


Seeking a new smile? Consider dental veneers, a custom-made shell that fits over teeth for a natural look. Learn more about the different types of dental veneers, and if it's the right treatment for you.

Teeth Whitening


Even coffee lovers can have a brighter smile!

Yellow, dingy, or just plain dark teeth come about for a number of reasons. First off, your genes determine the color, size, and shape of your teeth. But during the course of your life, red wine, coffee, and tea can darken your teeth by a few shades. Worse, certain medications permanently stain your teeth, especially when you’re young. And tobacco? Don’t even ask.


Sometimes you gotta sacrifice a tooth to save a smile. That’s okay. Our general dentist will make your extraction as comfortable and pain-free as they possibly can.

Our Services
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Reasons Why People LOVE This Dental Clinic in Coast Smiles Dental Spa!

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Experience outstanding dental care at our Coast Smiles Dental Spa in Greymouth New Zealand. Guaranteed satisfaction, making your smile more than just a simple feature, but a powerful asset.

Coast Smiles Dental Spa offers proven dental solutions that excite and satisfy you. We value your oral health. Don't gamble on your smile, visit us and get your smile improved now.



Got an emergency extraction done in the weekend, the team at Coast Smiles Managed to fit me in me in without an appointment and did a very professional job. Very friendly and well managed, would highly recommend. Will definitely be going back.


I'm very nervous of having dental work as have had some bad experiences but everyone at Coast Smiles have been extremely patient and have explained every detail, Have had some extensive work done here and appreciate the painless extraction process. Thank you


Really good to deal with, got me in really quickly. Really didn't hurt as much as expected, in either mouth or wallet.


Ben Goodin

1 review

2 weeks ago


1 review

4 months ago

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Top-Rated Dental Clinic in Spreydon, Christchurch | New Zealand.  Quality Dental Services in Spreydon, Christchurch | NZ.


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28 Johnston street, Greymouth



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Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM

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